FAQs on Menopause


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Julie Robinson (Author), Louise Minchin (Foreword)

– You left the doctor’s surgery before you could ask the things you really wanted to know.
– You’ve googled your question about menopause symptoms and had 75 answers, all contradicting each other.
– You asked your best friend – but they looked at you strangely.

You have so many questions, but no idea where to start finding the answers. Here they are. In this book you’ll find the definitive, expert responses to all your FAQs: On Menopause. No question is too simple, too embarrassing, too rude or too offbeat to be included, and each one has been asked by thousands of people just like you.


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Do people know I’m having a hot flush?
Is it normal to feel rage all the time?
Why I am getting more hair in some places and losing it from others?

All these questions, and hundreds more, are covered in this short but powerful, helpful, practical guide to managing your menopause symptoms. Read at your leisure, or dip in and out when you most need the support or to shine a light on the problems and feelings that are making you uncomfortable or unhappy, and to bring them out of the shadows so you can understand and accept them.

2 reviews for FAQs on Menopause

  1. Elaine Brown

    As soon as I picked up this book I wished I had it six years ago when I started experiencing perimenopause symptoms. It is an informative easy read, whether reading cover to cover or dipping into specific chapters. The question and quote format makes it personable and relatable. All of the chapters are brief but concise, giving the essential information quickly, enhancing the readability. I like how hints, tips and resource links are included in the relevant chapters.
    To have the common and uncommon symptoms listed is beneficial as it can be used as a checklist in preparation for attending a GP appointment. Prior to knowing this information I was sent for an abdominal scan, had blood tests for different conditions including osteoarthritis, offered antidepressants, plus dental appointments for bleeding gums and opticians appointments for dry eyes. Under the umbrella of menopause the many symptoms left me feeling like a hypochondriac. This book would have prevented me feeling this way.
    Sometimes it feels like women are led to believe HRT is the answer. For me HRT eased some symptoms but it was not the wonder drug I was led to believe. I needed alternatives, which this book gives a varied and wide selection of, again offering hints tips and resource links. From this women will be able to make an individualised approach to suit them, for me this consists of exercise, cardio and strength training; nutrition, increasing protein in my diet; no alcohol, and relaxation.
    I would recommend this book for everyone to read, to raise awareness and understanding in the home and work environment. Specifically all women should read it, no matter the age. As the book states 75% of women will experience menopause symptoms, the odds are stacked against us, read this book in preparation.
    I would rate this book 5/5.

  2. Kate Cooban

    Honestly this is one of the most useful, helpful and needed books on menopause I have encountered. As a woman who started the menopause aged 30 after having a full hysterectomy aged 29, I had no idea about what was happening or what to expect. It has taken me a few years to get the help I need and figure out what was actually going on with my body. FAQS ON MENOPAUSE came at the right time, it has so many questions and answers that I could relate to and realise what was part of the menopause and not just my body failing. It is like having a chat with a close trusted friend, it gives honest information and at the same time it makes you feel less alone. I truly believe this should be read in secondary school as part of sexual education.
    Woman deserve better and this book goes a long way in helping you see what is happening to your body and your mind. It has information on body changes, breast changes, changes to hair, how to get help, hrt choices and alternatives, how to help with work. I can’t emphasise how this book made me feel less alone. Great read, really recommend.

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